For drivers

How much does charging cost?

Many charging points are free to use and some will be chargeable. Details of charges are shown for each charge point on the map on this web site and on the app. When charges are made they are determined by the site owner to cover the cost of the electricity, data communications costs, maintenance, call centre and other operating costs. Typically about £1.20 per hour for a 13 amp socket and £1.70 for a Type 2 socket. Minimum charges are for one hour. Then part hours are charged pro rata for the time plugged in. As of 1st December 2015 all charges are subject to a £1.20 admin fee which is deducted from you balance once the charge is complete.

If I need help in using a charge point what do I do?

Call us on 0330 016 5126, which is manned 24/7 and one of our team is there to help you.

For Charge Point Owners and Operators

Why should I use Polar Instant to operate my back end system?

Polar Instant is the largest and most experienced charging point back end operator in the country. We will promote, manage and support the use of the charging facilitating usage of the charge points by thousands of users without the need for pre-registration. We can link to a variety of different manufacturers charging points and have many years’ experience in successfully managing operation of charging points.

I have charge points from a number of different manufacturers – Can you manage the back end system if this is the case?

Yes. We work with a number of different charge point manufacturers.

What are the costs involved in join Polar Instant as a charge point owner?

There is an annual fee per charge point to cover the cost of connection, data uses and promotion of the sites and operation of the help desk. The cost of electricity is met by you.

How much should I charge for the use of the charging point?

You can set your own tariff for the use of the charging point and thereby generate revenues and cover your costs. We will help you decide how much this should be and provide some comparative rates. We will collect amounts due to you and simply send you a remittance monthly less a small transaction fee.

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